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    Our Story


    Meet Wrap-A-Roo, the brainchild of two sisters, Emma and Eva, hailing from the stunning Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. 

    More than just an online store, Wrap-A-Roo is a thriving community of mothers who band together to support one another through the exhilarating and sometimes daunting journey of motherhood

    Who we are

    Hey there, we're Emma and Ava, sisters and co-founders of Wrap-a-Roo. As mothers ourselves, we know firsthand the joy and challenges that come with motherhood. 

    We wanted to create a product that would provide mothers with the comfort and support they need throughout their journey. 

    That's why we put our hearts and souls into designing and creating Wrap-a-Roo - a product that we're proud to say has helped so many mothers on their journey.

    Why we started

    But Wrap-a-Roo is more than just a product to us - it's a labor of love. We pour our personal experience and dedication into every detail of Wrap-a-Roo, ensuring that it's not just comfortable and safe for both mother and child, but also enhances the bonding experience between the two. 

    We're honored to have created a community of mothers who support and uplift one another through the joys and challenges of motherhood. 

    Join us and the Wrap-a-Roo family, and make your bonding experience with your little one even more special!

    Breathable Fabric

    Ergonomic Support

    Machine Washable